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The catacombs of Paris

Stop! Here lies the empire of death!

The catacombs of Paris

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Stop! Here lies the empire of death!
Since antiquity, open quarries have been dug by the Romans to build the arena of Lutetia or the baths of Cluny. From the Middle Ages, the exploitation of stones became underground and galleries began to be excavated. The Notre-Dame Cathedral and most monuments of Gothic architecture were built with these stones.

In the 18th century, the empty spaces left by the excavation were filled with the bones of Parisian cemeteries. Over 6 million Parisians in total were buried in the catacombs inaugurated in 1786. On a 2km long walk, your guide will tell you about the circumstances of the creation of this giant burial site and tell you about the mysterious stories that occurred there.

2 heures
10+ Age
  • Opening hours
    Du mardi au dimanche de 10h à 19h30. Fermé le lundi. Les Catacombes sont ouvertes le 14 juillet, le 15 août, le 1er novembre et le 11 novembre. Fermée les lundis et certains jours fériés : 1er mai et 1er janvier.
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    The catacombs of Paris
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